Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Squares before our eyes ...

So this is what we got up to at the holiday weekend!
With a few hours to spare my niece and I rummaged through all my quilting off-cuts and carefully trimmed them to scant 2" squares.

We set about sewing them together, with tiny seams, so here she is with the starts of a patchwork treasure, carefully trimming all the threads!

We used cotton batting and quilted it by machine to make Grandma a little basket for her kitchen table.

The idea was to get the children excited about crafting - and it worked!  I have since found lots of similar ideas on the internet and a great example of a finished quilt made in the same style here: Postage stamp quilt by Red Pepper Quilts.

Photos will follow ... in the excitement we forgot to take one straight away!

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