Monday, 17 March 2014

Some new arrivals!

I have had some great parcels arrive this week that have really cheered me up. I ordered a few books on-line which I have been wanting for a while.

2 books are fabulous classics from Ed Emberley showing how fantastic pictures can be made from circles.

I noticed that Ed Emberley has also got a fabric collection, some of those designs are great ...

The other books I got were more directly quilting related:


Brioni Greenberg, AKA FlossyBossy (who wrote 25 Ways to Sew Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs) is a 'local gal' and I often bump into her at my local knitting and quilting shop The Skep where she runs a few classes. It has been nice to flick through some of her projects ... but I'm not sure whether I will make any of them just yet as some are quite involved!

The Quick and Easy Quilting Patterns are exactly that and, definitely a plus, I noted that all the templates are full size. I hate books with mini versions of the patterns squashed on one page with instructions to photocopy at 150%. I think I will take this book and some stash supplies with me along with a me when I'm on holiday in April. Fingers crossed for a trip to the Chalet!

I must have a thing for lifesavers at the moment! I noticed I bought cards and fabric with them on this week. This pretty little nautical number came from South Korea courtesy of eBay, the cards were from the Cancer Research charity shop in Horsforth.

The photo is not very good but you get the idea, lots of navy, red and 'marine splash', a strong duck egg blue (I tip my hat to Dulux their colour names are quite good sometimes). 

Thank you all for checking my posts out, it was lovely to get some comments on my blog, please keep stopping by!

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  1. How fun that you know the author of your new book! I have a number of books that I enjoy flicking through to look at the projects but have yet to make anything from them. But I still love having them squirreled away for rainy day inspiration!