Friday, 4 July 2014

The linky party!

So over at The Littlest Thistle the linky party has started and all the folks who bravely shared their works in progress (WIPs) have been busying themselves to finish some of their projects.

I went a bit mad and listed far more WIPs than I could possibly manage to complete here in this post. I have managed to complete a few of them but the rest will have to roll over to Quarter 3 of the Finish Along. 

Here's how I got on:

13) Alex's skirt - the link is here on Facebook.
22) New conservatory cushions - we love them! I wrote a post about them here.
23) Baby quilt - for my gorgeous little Ehsan the post is here 

and also 25) Scrappy Floor Cushion - which I finished just the other day:

This was fun to make! I used up lots of scraps, just sewing them together in random strips and then piecing the strips together to make larger ones until I had quite a large piece of patchwork. 

I used a round plastic lid to draw two circles for the top and bottom and quilted them to an old flannelette blanket for a bit more stability! The side gusset was a strip cut to the length of the circumference of the circle which I backed with medium weight iron-on interfacing to stiffen it a little.

I used ricrac in the seam round the top and added a zip in the bottom side seam to enable the cushion to be put inside (it was still a work of art getting it in there as I used a large, plump and fluffy Ikea cushion which I bought in their 'bargain corner' for £2). 

It is heading to my friend Laura's house - for her lovely cat Xeno!

I have also been busy with my Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt ... but more about that in another post.

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