Sunday, 28 December 2014

LBQB Third Quarter Finishes

We've already seen one or two quilts taking shape now in the Little Blog Quilting Bee ... and quarter four is in progress!

These are the blocks requested by Celine (September), Vanessa (October) and Gina (November).

Celine also known as Espritpatch is a prolific seamstress! She introduced a few of the group to a pineapple block. These are generally Foundation pieced (or some refer to them a paper pieced but it's not the same as traditional English paper piecing).  She gave us a link to Generation Quilts which gives measurements for 6" and 8" sizes. We all made 8" blocks in the 'Dark X' option which looks like the photo below with a mixture of bright sections to keep it scrappy.

Vanessa provided us with a link to instructions for the Posies block which is part of the Trifle Dish Quilt at the Moda Bakeshop. (Just a note: If you follow this pattern from the website the instructions in Step 4 needed a little adjustment to ensure all the leaves were the correct way round.) Vanessa sent us some lovely Oakshott fabric for the background. We chose our own colours for the rest and she now has a beautiful fabric flower garden so I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

Gina's block was quite a simple one but very effective. She requested a scrappy 'trip around the world' block in blues or purples (or both)with some instructions if we needed them her at Quiltville's Quips and Snips!! This is a very simple block to make and it only took a few of us about 30 minutes from start to finish ... hopefully you can't tell!

Vanessa's Posies block gets the trophy this quarter for being the most fun (& also for spotting the mistake in the instructions before we cut her fabric)! Here you are Vanessa:  

LBQB Trophy Quarter 3 is awarded to Vanessa.

I have managed to forget what I've added into the packages this time ... some of my own goodies sneaked in their along with chocolate and some sewing accessories. I think I am going to be the last Queen of the LBQB group ... and for the final quarter I will have to prepare to post my block instructions soon.

I have been busy making these pot mitts again, they are super gifts and fun to do:

We've also been on holiday for a break to the Centre Parcs set in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham, it was a relaxing break (some of the days). Here are my not-so-little tree huggers:

We had a great time and have been enjoying the catch up as a family!


  1. Some absolutely gorgeous bee blocks, I especially love the idea of the flower garden! Thank you for sharing these.

  2. I clicked on the Centre Parcs link, and ooh I could spend some time in the spa for sure! You did some really pretty blocks here; great idea to get varied fabrics in the flowers. I love Oakshott cottons, must buy some! Hey, I clicked on Gina and yep, it's the Gina I know!

    1. Yes, the spa is great! Nessa chose well with the posie block can't wait to see it finished.
      It's a small world isn't it!