Friday, 27 February 2015

One Project a Month (OPAM)

I came across this challenge through my quilting friend Celine. Amazingly we've both been doing similar things this month, including Elsa dresses.

Basically, you are trying to complete at least one project a month .... hence the title. No pressure but lots of fun and links to other crafty bods and blogs!

It's being hosted by Kris of Tag Along Teddies and Peg of Happy in Quilting who have been running the OPAM challenge for a few years, although I have only just come across it.

This month I have completed a few projects and made progress on some others. Here's a photo of the Elsa dress I made for my youngest niece. I am hoping I will have a better picture soon! 
At least this photo shows up the sparkly fabric but I haven't added the ice cloak! Unfortunately the very pretty silver lace started to detatch from its own edging within minutes of being tried on. I have now located something a little more robust but with a similar theme ... the job now will be to get the dress back!

It's been a busy month:

Nick's had surgery and is now recovering well. 
Kids had half term during which we went to a medieval 'Skill Share' event and caught up with some more 'distant' relatives which was lovely along with visiting grandparents and hosting copious numbers of teenage girls.
The bathroom is almost finished following a complete remodelling.
I have started a new job (working with the team I worked for before the Improvement Academy) which is going to be interesting. We're housed in a newly refurbished building, which has some very pretty architectural elements. 
I have helped my lovely SIL Jo with the beginning of a pinwheel baby quilt for her niece's baby due in late spring. She's using some of a charm pack called Sophie by Chez Moi which is a lovely choice of fabric. 
And Alex has had her first orthodontic appliance fitted on the start of what is going to be a 2 year journey! She can't currently bite a sandwich as her front teeth don't meet in the middle which makes her quite self conscious at times (it gives her a little bit of a lisp as a result) but her teeth are all perfect otherwise. Obviously the lisp has got much worse with the brace but she's coped with the first few days quite well and is positive, despite needing to keep topped up with painkillers.

Hopefully it will be a slightly quieter March!